The climbing tree routes

of the VERT'TIGES forest

There are some for all the acrobats at the Forest of Vert'tiges: initiation courses for small Mowgli, large aerial tyroliennes for the seasoned Tarzan. Here we do not race and the activity is not timed, so take the time to choose your course! It is better not to overestimate yourself to leave all your strength in the trees: listen to the wise little green men of the Forest who will advise you to climb gently on the first branches before joining the Vert'tiginous peaks of the Forest.
Before each course a small panel will give you its duration the number of workshop and its level of difficulty. If the climb is too dangerous for you, you can turn around or ask for the help of one of the little green men who watch in the undergrowth. You can always start again or take a break in the shade of the big oaks of the Forest!